Our clients



The bathroom was renovated and now looks luxury. Affordible prices and excellent results. Highly recommended.


Acaymo Rodríguez (Ingenio)





I was impressed to see the result and finishes the complete renovation of my apartment. It has made my dream come true. Thank you.


Victoria Peces (Las Palmas)





As responsible for keeping my community I can assure owners that is the best professional I've hired. wonderful optimal solutions and personal attention.


Miguel Martinez (Maspalomas)





They installed the air conditioning in my local quickly and cleanly. I have not to close the shop. A good investment.


María Sanchez (Telde)


Our company


Care and personal attention to each client.


BADELCON is ideal for the reform of any resort or tenement, our company has all the necessary services company to perform any work or construction reform comprehensively, without subcontracts, with maximum guarantees and benefits.


The present construction requires a high level of expertise because each project must meet stringent standards of quality, safety and functionality. BADELCON has years of experience in all fields of construction, this allows us to offer our services to any type of building you want to reform or build.

For all these aspects BADELCON is widely qualified and have proven experience in home renovation, resorts, etc..


Thanks to our extensive experience, media, equipment and our professionals, large companies and institutions rely on our company for their projects. Work with us, quality finishes, guarantee our work and especially the peace and security of owners, employees, guests or customers.



Our team


Preparations for different jobs and situations.


In our constructions, renovations and rehabilitations of buildings specialists involved professionals who are responsible for resolving all issues that demand work, verification of structures, masonry, plumbing, electrical and carpentry, as well as specialists in interior design and functionality.


We have a great team of professionals with extensive trained for all kinds of interior and exterior paints, plasters, varnishes, lacquers, water tanks and covers waterproofing experience and humidities treatment.

Our staff is continuously formed in all kinds of new techniques in applications and solutions for treatments of humidities and all styles of decorative painting. The high degree of expertise and commitment of our staff guarantees excellent quality of finishes.


Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers. For this reason, as in other services, cleaning and maintenance for our main added value is the commitment, training and capacity of our professionals.

Integral Services


Main services available:


  • Masonry construction and renovation (across the breadth of the concept, including foundations and structures)
  • Maintenance of commercial places
  • Maintenence of owners' communities
  • Plumbing (water supply, sanitation, stormwater, irrigation networks)
  • Electrical (Low Voltage and Medium Voltage)
  • Decorative paints and finishes, both interior and exterior, and coatings
  • Heating and air conditioning (heat pumps)
  • Locksmithing
  • Pavings, parquet, ceramic, granite, marble, etc.
  • Glassware
  • Waterproofing
  • Metal joinery, aluminum and PVC, and wood
  • Gardening
  • Fumigation (insect and rodent control)
  • Sanitation and cleaning
  • Repair of damage from fires, floods and several accidents